Sample (25 pack) ~ 'Unscented' Choice Laundry Powder
Sample (25 pack) ~ 'Unscented' Choice Laundry Powder
Sample (25 pack) ~ 'Unscented' Choice Laundry Powder

Sample (25 pack) ~ 'Unscented' Choice Laundry Powder

Sample ~ Prove It Works

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    The ChoiceTM Laundry Powder Story Return to top of page

    Our Unscented ChoiceTM Laundry Powder will end your search for a truly scent-free laundry powder, which will also leave your clothes fresh & clean with no residue to irritate skin.

    For us it's really simple . . . every single person deserves to feel great in their own skin & what we clean our clothes in makes a BIG difference! The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!' 

    InformationReturn to top of page

    • 25-pack of samples to share with your customers The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!' 
    • 1 tablespoon samples do 1 to 3 loads (depending on machine, amount of dirt & load size)
    • Unscented samples prove the quality, leaving scent selection for time of purchase

      Here's the Scoop Return to top of page

      • Many folks with multiple chemical sensitivities use this product successfully
      • One tablespoon will do a load of cloth diapers, hockey or mechanic's clothes
      • Unscented, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, unisex, all ages
      • Contain no latex allergy reactive ingredients
      • No dryer sheets or fabric softener needed
      • For all temperatures & hardness of water
      • Clothes come in soft when hung to dry
      • For high efficiency & regular machines
      • For top load & front load machines
      • Gentle for hand washing fine fabric
      • Will not fade or streak fabric
      • Will brighten & soften fabric
      • Leaves no residue in fabric
      • Septic-safe & low suds
      • Not tested on animals

      Regular Washer Instructions Return to top of page

      • How much to use depends on amount of dirt
      • Minimum 1.5 teaspoon
      • Maximum 2 tablespoons
      • Sprinkle into drum whenever you prefer

      High Efficiency (HE) Washer Instructions Return to top of page

      • How much to use depends on amount of dirt
      • Minimum 1 teaspoon
      • Maximum 1 tablespoon
      • Sprinkle onto clothes in the drum OR
      • Put powder dry into the tray OR
      • Mix with water & pour into the tray 

      Hand Wash Instructions Return to top of page

      • Mix small amount of powder with water
      • Submerge article completely
      • Let soak, rinse well & dry as directed

      Stain Removal Instructions Return to top of page

      • Make a paste of powder & water
      • Wet fabric & rub paste into stain
      • Roll fabric up so it will stay wet 
      • Allow fabric to sit for a few hours OR
      • Let sit until the stain is gone
      • Launder as usual
      • For extra-heavy stain removal (e.g., collars & cuffs), pre-scrub with our best ever natural stain remover, ChoiceTM Sea Water 2-in-1 bar for laundry & dishes

      Ingredients Return to top of page

      • Washing soda, borax & our Pure & Simple Soap [vegetable shortening (soybean oil, palm oil [sustainably harvested]), coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), salt]

      Size & YieldReturn to top of page

      • 1 tablespoon (appx 15 grams)
        • High efficiency: 1 to 3 loads*
        • Regular washer: 1 to 1.5 loads*

        * Depends on size & amount of dirt per load

        General Safety & Product Notes Return to top of page

        • For external use only
        • Keep away from eyes
        • Do not eat this product
        • Store in securely covered container
        • Stain bar: 
          • Allow to dry between uses
          • Do not store in airtight container 
          • Cut to use at multiple sinks or later

        Packaging Return to top of page

        • Cello bag closed with stick-on label

        Grandbaby-tested The red heart used to join the text 'Grandbaby-tested' with 'Nana-approved!' Nana-approved! Return to top of page

        • We promise all of our products are tested on ourselves, family members (including grand babies!) & friends.
        • We promise to never test any product on animals, even ones designed for pets. We test them on ourselves, family members & friends, too!
        • We promise to make sure you are 100% satisfied . . . if there is any problem with your order or this product let us know & we will make it right.

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